Painting under glass 12x16 cm woman...
Painting under glass 12x16 cm woman...

Painting under glass 12x16 cm woman in blue dress


Painting under glass (suweer or souwèr in Wolof) is an artistic technique that is particularly popular in Senegal.
This technique consists of painting on window glass in reverse order from the original project.

Thus, one begins with the signature and details before tackling the backgrounds, which are treated in two stages: the outlines are painted first with a gouache, the surfaces thus delineated are brushed on afterwards.

The glass protects the paint and gives it its characteristic smooth, shiny appearance.

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The manufacture of the painting under glass calls upon an ancestral and artisanal tradition: the image is painted upside down since, in the final phase, the glass is turned over. The elements appearing on the surface are the first to be painted. Although covered with other layers of paint, they are still visible.

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Tailles fixé sous verre
12 x 16
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